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Eye Exams

The team at Vision Care of Ohio specializes in Eye Exams. These are recommended to be done once per year. If you have concerns with your vision or are at risk of more serious eye conditions, our optometrists recommend coming in more often to ensure we can catch any serious issues before they get worse. We offer eye exams for glasses so that you can see clearer and more comfortably so you can get on with your work and daily life without the hassle of vision concerns or blurry vision. During eye exams, we look at your vision needs and provide you with prescriptions if necessary. We’re also looking at the health of each of the structures in your eyes and working to determine if there is any type of disease present. We offer:

Contact Lens Eye Exam

Woman tries on contact lenses with full kit

Our 3 locations provide each type of contact lenses from top brands. We offer our patients contact lens exams (contact lens fittings) in a comfortable setting so you can practice with your new contact lenses. Our unique and comprehensive contact lens exams and fittings take a close look at the health of your eyes and help determine which contact lenses fit you best. During your contact lens eye exam, we’ll discuss all available options including:

Dry Eye

Many of our patients believe that their eyes are dry only due to tiredness or another reason. Dry Eye has many different factors that can be its cause. During our exams, we provide a deeper look into why your eyes are dry and if there are larger or more serious issues that cause this.

Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetic Eye Exams are critical to identifying when there are larger issues that stem from Diabetes. Diabetics should be seeing an eye doctor or specialist, like our ophthalmologists, more often to catch issues before they get worse.

Pediatric Eye Exams

Our optometrists are eye care team invite you to bring the whole family. Our offices and staff are trained to work with children to help determine if there are any issues while providing a comfortable environment.

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